09 March 2007

dear john

I've met someone else. Please let's stay friends.

(if you want me I'll be over here, making out with my younger, sexier blog.)


03 March 2007

typical gen-x slacker

Such mood-swingy weather! pouring rain and ice and snow one day and sunshine and spring breezes the next! I, of course, perceive with my usual narcissistic slant on things that this is nothing but a cosmic reflection of my own moodiness of late.

Up and down and back and forth! Happy sad angry mental! Will it go round in a CIRCLE! Will it fly high like a bird up in the SKY! ahem. Wheee!

The oddest feature in my internal landscape lately is the creeping realization that I have grown to like and admire someone that I previously held in very low esteem. It's so frustrating when I change my mind about someone without asking my own permission first! It's a real breakdown in the chain of command, and calls into question my own management skills.

And no, I won't tell you who it is. Nobody you would know anyway.

So it's a beautiful day, but I am indisposed, as they say, and prefer to sit wrapped up in a sleeping bag, trolling the internet for obscure multisyllabic words and tracking their origins.

I need to go shopping but lack the initiative. I should take a walk but what are the chances.

I consider the fact that I just did the dishes and ate a standing-up lunch of stoned wheat thins and Jordan Almonds to be a fine accomplishment and quite enough for one day.

Typing is a bit exhausting, actually.

Perhaps I will just sit quietly for a while.