08 October 2006

semper ubi sub ubi

I guess I do sort of live in paradise.

Went for an impromptu stroll along the jetty today with a friend -- I think it's morally reprehensible to live amid all this beauty and only rarely soak it in. Which makes me a criminal, but makes most of the people I'm surrounded by hardened felons.

By which I mean to say, I may suck, but I suck less than most.

I should translate that into Latin and put it on my family crest.

west dennis beach 004

04 October 2006

brain cramp


Applying to grad school is haaaaaaaaard.

But at least it's expensive!

And everything is submitted online now, so I'm not currently icing down my writer's cramp like I did when I applied to college and had to write it all out in my lovely flowing cursive handwriting... ten whole years ago.



Does that mean I get a senior discount on my application fee?