29 April 2004

and by bad I mean bad

wow. I just watched the most horrifyingly awful movie ever. Every last bit of it. yum yum yum.

Having finished my last jobbie, and sent it packing to its home in New York City (Park Avenue South, no less!) I resolved to spend the day eating pizza, drinking red wine, and watching crappy tv. Imagine my delight! when I found! The Three Musketeers! on Encore!

Oh, how shall I begin to chronicle how awful this movie was...

Was it the forgotten model playing the role of an actress pretending to act?

Was it the hilarious anachronistic details?

Or perhaps the fabulous delivery of one-liners delivered by Porthos, the once-pirate turned-King's-defender?

Of course, Chris O'Donnell's bland presence was enjoyed by all, as was Tim Curry's always welcome eye rolling, and terrifically expository evilness.

But yes, I think the prize has to go to...

the obligatory Bryan Adams/Sting (yes! a duet! of blandness!!) "theme" song, "All For Love" !!!

oooooohh, such juicy, tasty awfulness... my day is complete.

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