19 October 2004

Jet lag

We returned from our trip to Syracuse today, and we're both pretty strung out from the endless succession of friends, family, and antagonistes that we encountered over the course of the weekend. Though the weekend was most enjoyable and involved lots of socializing with dazzling urbanites and downing many nifty cocktails, I am most pleased to be home with my cats.

In my last post, I implied that something great would emerge from this trip, and I was not wrong. Although I had begun to doubt if our planned trip to Amsterdam would actually materialize, I may now put my doubts to bed.

We're not just going to Amsterdam, we're going to Amsterdam and staying in a dope-ass (a.k.a. 5 star) hotel right in the middle of the city. Wowee wow wow wow. All courtesy of my sainted mother-in-law, who evidently likes us an awful hell of a lot, and ain't a-scared to show it.

We're booked for the first week of December, so anyone who has anything to say about that, including hints, links, and favorite bars, may contact me at their leisure.

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