22 December 2004


This was our favorite corner shop for delicious sandwiches and even more delicious cheese. (The massive structure just visible off to the right is Centraal Station, the huge and recklessly gothic train station at the topmost of the city.) Please notice that the translation on the awning of "Kaasland" (Dutch for "Cheeseland") is "Lots Of Cheese." We were sold on sight.

We got into the habit of picking up some bone-meltingly fantastic cheese here and cheap wine from across the street, then consuming these comestibles in the hotel room in the early evenings, before heading out for dinner.

It's really the only civilized way to conduct oneself, don't you think?

While on the topic of Dutch/English translations, I gave myself giggles all week because the word they use on window signs to indicate the store is closed is "Gesloten", which my brain insisted on seeing as "Get Lost(en)".

Same dif.

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