20 March 2005

Natural high

I'm having a hard time coming up with stories to tell these last couple of days because my life is officially consumed by the play I'm stage managing, which I don't know why that should come as a surprise to me, because what the funk. I've done this sorta thing before. But it always somehow manages to take me by surprise when it reaches this fever pitch of intensity and 24-7-ness.

I kind of looked around the other day and noticed that I don't have a real live day off until the show goes up next month and I was like Oh Yeah... That's right... This is the part that sucks. Of course it's also occasionally crazily exhilarating and I suck up the Mach 3 energy level of the kids and it takes me hours to come down after rehearsal like I'm on the greatest coke jag ever. I was honestly at the bar the other night after rehearsal, drumming my hands on the bar obsessively, kind of happily muttering lyrics to myself, and twitching my head around from side to side. It was fun, and I sure didn't miss the part where your teeth grind and you can't keep your goddamn mouth shut for all the tremendously brilliant things you have to say, but I bet the bartender thought twice about serving me.

And then there are days like today, where I want to shove my fist far back into somebody's skull and squeeze out the last drops of humanity from their black little heart. I name no names, of course, being the soul of discretion that I am. But let me assure you, poisonous hate arrows were spewing out of my eyes today that could have stunned a wookie. I got over it.

And hey! When the hell did I get conned into a job where I have homework again? I just spent five hours going over insanely boring yet vital minutae for this play, and my cat was all what the fuck, man? It's so clearly MY alloted time, like four and a half hours ago!

And that is my long-winded explanation for why I have not written in a couple of days. Because I am too discreet to write all the very funny things that are going on at work with any specificity. And I am alternately tired and wired and stream-of-consciousness and disjointed. As you can clearly see. So, sorry for the very diary-ish post, I'll try to go back to writing funny little stories soon.

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