13 September 2005

Always did want a mohawk

It's very unusual for me to be doing this, really, but I'm working a heck of a lot this week. So much of a lot that I am working as much as I can and am still managing to not get around to doing stuff that needs to be done. So I'll be a bit less apt to post than usual this week.

A week from now I'll be able to return to my usual slacker ways. But for now, I am running in 72 different directions at once. Bet you didn't know there were that many directions, huh? Well, there are. And if you were to choose any combination of those directions, and go there, you would find me. There. Um? Yes, I suppose I am insanely tired. Wh--why do you ask?

My life would be much easier if I were a web-based comics game superhero. Oh, wait! I am!

Well thank God for that, then!

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