20 January 2007

as an artist

I was just looking over some of my Flickr photos and I came across this, from my last trip to Vermont.


There was this little hidden garden of porcelain figurines on the side of the road. It was both adorable and disturbing.

Which is, after all, the very best kind of adorable.

On reflection, I guess I was in a sort of over-arching mood of disturbing, like I had just re-read The Lottery just prior to vacationing in an old farmhouse in a remote town in rural New England.

Which, on further reflection, I guess I had.




some guy

nice birdie

sculpture garden head

monkeys on donkeys!

statehouse stairs


1 comment:

saucygrrl said...

I was totally going to reference The Lottery in my next post. Wierd.

Hope you're feeling better.