14 February 2007

now voyager

Well it looks like I am bound for the western parts of the state this weekend for a whirlwind trip to visit the little Henry Bean before he becomes less of a Bean and more of a Henry. My two dear friends who have brought him into this world have found a window of potential non-exhaustion in which they think they can entertain me for a day or so.

I will cook them dinner and help with laundry and line up their spices into little symmetrical rows in my adorably OCD way all for the privilege of hanging our with their very very and extremely new-to-the-planet person.

Of course, there's been this nasty little storm this week that, although it was a serious non-starter for Cape Cod was a serious punch in the neck for Western Massachusetts. And I am famously squeamish about Driving In Weather. But I will go! Bravely! Into! The Breach! Because I do have new tires and because I am feeling heroic and they are my dear friends (one, my best friend from college and the other, her wife) and also I totally have a huge case of cabin fever.

I needed a place to stay, since one does not come to visit people who have just moved to Babyland and ask to crash on their couch, and IT SO HAPPENS that an old friend of mine looked me up from out of the blue last week (and elicited this post) and IT SO HAPPENS that she lives in Northampton and IT SO HAPPENS that she is awesome and will let me stay there and make out with her cats even though neither she nor her wife will be RESIDENT in said house while I am there.

Yes, someone I haven't seen in 15 years is giving me the keys to her house and refrigerator so I can entertain myself unattended for the weekend, based on the residue of good will and trust that I apparently still have with her after a decade and a half of no contact and a half-hour-long phone conversation.

Man. I must have been cute in college.

Better not send her pictures of me now until after I get her keys copied.


bride_no2 said...

oh, yes, very funny. Making out with my cats and copying my keys. naughty girl.

p.s., I'll probably still have a crush on you after all these years, so you can get away with a lot! hugs you.

saucygrrl said...

Is it just me, or does "naughty girl" come charged with excitement instead of a plain declaration??? Hee!

I don't know what you looked like in college sweetheart, but you are terribly adorable now.

bride_no2 said...

she was terribly adorable then, as well. especially in her vintage green leather jacket.

rock grrrl said...

oooh, I miss that jacket.

rock grrrl said...
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