20 March 2004

and we're off

Although part of me is convinced that once I start an online diary, such a thing will suddenly cease to exist, will become so immeasurably passe and unhip that it is outlawed -- despite this firm belief, I am, indeed, starting one. Mostly, I'm beginning to feel guilty for posting long, story-telling comments in the comment boxes of real bloggers. Any day now I expect to get a nasty email from one of them, telling me to get my own weblog, already, and stop using their precious webspace. Fair enough.

I've been unemployed this last little while (three months), waiting for the teeming hordes of tourists to return to our lovely little peninsula and fill all of our pockets with sweet sweet summertime money. Not surprisingly, this enforced inactivity has led me right down the road of Excessive Alcohol Consumption, Widening Ass, and Compulsive Blog Reading. It's no scenic route, let me tell you. So I guess I feel like I should give back a little. If that's what you can call it.

In any case, it seems like a good way to pass the time, improve my typing skills, and have something to do other than lurk around other people's sites, impatiently stamping my feet and waiting for them to post something, anything, dammit.

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