25 March 2004

o frabjous day!

Well, I got an honest-to-god (freelance) job lead today. One that I am, let's say, 88% certain will result in real, paid work. I've been so happy about this prospect all day that I'm actually kind of tired. It's exhausting to receive unexpected good news, and then stroll around all day, tossing it from hand to hand and hoping the other kids are looking when you catch it behind your back.

Or maybe I just need more practice.

Send me more good news, so I can bounce it off the side of a barn! And practice throwing it through a tire! And secretly study it under the blankets at night with a flashlight and a transister radio!

And it didn't hurt one bit that today was the first day that I really felt the sun on my neck, and heard more than one or two birds, and believed that spring was coming sooner rather than later. Of course, the good news on the job front certainly makes the idea of spring much more palatable.

Number one thing that I will NOT miss, if I avoid a summertime of labour in a restaurant kitchen:

the chafing.

Number two: Not seeing almost every goddamn gorgeous sunset over the freaking ocean.

I'm currently enjoying a nice streak of catching both the sunset and sunrise every day for about a week running. My house has a nifty view of the lake across the street, and the sunrise is directly in my line of view as I look out the front window. For the sunset, I can usually manage to hie myself to a beach, or an overlook, or some such thing.

Unfortunately, my lakey view will dwindle as spring and summer arrive. Right now, we can see through the trees because they're all bare -- so we can see most of the lake, and the opposite shore, only partly obscured by skinny tree trunks and nattering squirrels. When the leaves come in, the water-view gets crowded out, and then finally dwindles to just two little pockets of lakeyness.

Wow, I just keep coming up with more reasons to avoid this whole summer thing, don't I?

Other great things about (please god please god please) possibly working from home during the summer:

1. not battling through high-season traffic.

2. being able to choose to stay in air-conditioning all day if I want to, instead of standing over a grill or poking my head into a blazing hot oven.

3. have I mentioned my aversion to shorts yet in this post? well, consider it referenced.

evil, false, trixy shorts. we hates them.

My brain is numb -- I'm off to wallow in some trashy murder mystery with little or no literary value. huzzah!

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