18 May 2004


I've been cruising about all day, walking my walk and talking my talk, and I am finally almost ready to give in to the nap fairies. No idea why I'm so tired. Could be the humidity, or the lovely soothing rain I woke up to this morning. It's just felt like a sweatpants kind of day all day.

Guess what I'm wearing. Go ahead, guess.

I was a good pup today -- did all sorts of onerous tasks that I'd been putting off. Paid my brother back the money I owe him, which involved driving a half-hour to a great coffee shop near his house. He's a sweet guy, but he always looks at me like he's trying to figure out what happened to his little sister. Tiresome. But sweet. And he had some great honeymoon photos to show me.

Did the dishes, vacuumed, hand-washed delicates in the sink. Made a haircut appointment.

I also wrote letters and emails to people who owe me either money or responses or at least the time of day. One emailed me right back with lots of tasty cheerful good news and an invitation to visit her in New York City. This made me excited, and also made me want a sandwich.

Sandwich in hand, I went to the beach to eat it while staring out to sea, but decided we would all (by which I mean greater humanity, of course) be better served if I put off the sandwich for an hour and instead walked the two miles of this gorgeous expanse of town-owned ocean-front property.

I only ogled the windsurfers a little.

I ogled the lone surfcaster in hip waders a lot (he had a really nice cast...)

I picked up a few shells (sailors' toenails, mostly), and then I laid face-down on the rocks of the jetty and trailed my hand in the current to feel how strong it was. Strong.

I also picked up a fair bit of trash that ignorant folks had thoughtlessly left on the beach, but I also found the bottom half of a bikini swimsuit, which I thoughtfully hung high on one of the lifeguard chairs, in case she came back for it. I'm a helpful gal.

...had a brief chat with the Mass Audubon guy who was checking on the birdie nests (piping plovers, no doubt) in the beach grass. Lotta coyotes this year, and they do love little birdie nests. Cats, too.

Then I came home and had a great long chat with my best friend, who is also a freelancer (journalist), and she calmed my fears somewhat about how long one can reasonably wait to get paid (a long time, but it's really nothing personal). Then we ranted and raged about how long it takes anyway.

Now I need to wash the salt off the outside of me in the shower, and wash the salt off of the inside of me with a cold beer.

Then I will lay my head down...

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