15 May 2004

so gay

Well, here it comes. This Monday, the media masses will converge on our neighbor Provincetown, to document the first legal gay marriages in the state. OK, in the country. Not civil unions, none of that separate-but-equal crap. Marriage.

I'm so there.

P-Town is always a bit of a carnival in the warmer months (you should see it in the colder months -- full of hard-drinking out-of-work fishermen playing pool and reeling down Commercial Street in paint-splattered jeans and Carhart jackets -- fabulous in their own, irony-free way) but this frenzy promises to top any recent spectacle.

The good news is that that wack job who occasionally pops up in P-Town to randomly harangue against gayness has decided to picket in Cambridge this time around. I'm sure some lesser, substitute wack jobs will show up, spouting some blather about God having created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve (huh?)... but in general I expect it will be a good ol' love-fest.

I mean, really, who can be against this? God forbid people be encouraged to form long-lasting, monogamous relationships, and to celebrate them with the approval of their community. Oh yeah, and the legal benefits of marriage don't exactly suck either.

As I said, I am so there, and I will report back from the front lines of Commercial Street for your reading pleasure.

This might even call for pictures to be posted...

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