08 August 2004

Games we may or may not play

Last night Matt and I got all silly listening to records until early in the morning, and then decided it would be fun to play a board game. Then, after perusing our selection, and checking the clock, we decided a nice, tame game of rummy would suit us fine. Yeah, we had to go online to look up the rules, it had been so long since we played it. (I've always been a devoted Hearts player, but it's no good with just two people.)

So, just for the hell of it, here's what we found in our board games box:

The Fellowship of the Ring Game
-- bought at a yard sale, never used

Monopoly, National Parks Version
-- never used

Monopoly, original issue
-- fully intact!

Elfquest Board Game
-- given to me by a friend as a joke after I told her I used to read that chick comic when I was like, 15

Caesar: Epic battle of Alesia
-- I have no freakin' idea where this came from or what it is

Trivial Pursuit, original edition
-- yawn

-- a personal favorite of mine

-- a personal favorite of my husband's

Kismet, lacking score sheets
-- a Yahtzee rip-off, my favorite for while camping

Backgammon set, in a wee little carrying case
-- unused for several years; we used to live above a backgammon fanatic who would come up and play a lot, but no more.

Strat-o-matic Baseball Set, circa 1976
-- so much more fun when you don't know any of the players!

Now, who wants a fresca?

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