01 August 2004


In the latest installment of A Loose Cadre of Folks Who Know Brooks Comparing Lists Online (also dig these cats: sven, chele, i see monsters), I have completed my homework assignment and come up with my ten "desert island" albums. Oddly enough, I listen to a lot more blues and funk than this list would suggest, but we agreed that compilations and anthologies were "out" so I was at a bit of a loss in those genres.

So here goes, in absolutely no particular order whatsoever...

John Prine, Sweet Revenge

I seriously love John Prine, and usually listen to his most excellent double-cd greatest hits anthology, but this album has several of my favorite songs on it. Not, alas, Angel From Montgomery.

Radiohead, OK Computer

One of those great albums you can listen to straight through, as a coherent whole, and also has several stand-alone singles that I adore.

Moby, Play

I actually don't listen to this one that often any more, but every time I do, I wonder why I don't. Clear?

Stevie Wonder, Musiquarium

For me, Stevie Wonder is indispensible, and it might as well be this album as any other. (I don't think it's a greatest hits, is it? If it is I'll just pick another Stevie Wonder.)

Stevie Ray Vaughn, Couldn't Stand the Weather

I can't believe the guy went and died before I could see him live. My husband did get to see him, twice, and I'll admit it's put a strain on our relationship.

Johnny Cash, Live at Fulsom Prison

Whoops, there I go again, breaking the rules. But am I wrong? Am I wrong?

Tom Waits, Nighthawks at the Diner

Sometimes I feel like not enough people truly appreciate this terrific cd. And then I get over it, and I'm fine.

Peter Gabriel, Us

Although I can't argue with the merits of So, and I am tempted to instead list a Gabriel-era Genesis album, it comes down to this: Us is the one that I literally burned through the tape of in my car one summer, the first summer my eventual husband and I were shacked up together.

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon

I used to pooh-pooh Floyd, saying I was disqualified from liking them on account of never having been a thirteen-year-old boy. I was wrong. Call me a dork if thou must.

David Bowie, Space Oddity

yum yum.

Does this mean I have to go and do actual work that I actually get paid for now?


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