30 July 2004

Let's review

Things I learned while watching the DNC...

1. You can't spell America without Erica. Yay Erica!!!! This must make Ericas across the country swell with pride, much the same way that I have convinced myself that all of France is partying and shooting off fireworks on Bastille Day to honor me and the day of my birth. (I have a friend who was born on July 4th, and she says much the same thing, but I tell her that's just silly.)

2. John Edwards is super-dreamy-hunkalicious. He's got some sort of weird thing he does with his tongue when he's taking a breath and pausing, kind of rattling it around in his mouth, that kind of made my knees shake.

3. Barak Obama is also dreamy, but not so much in a "let's-get-it-on" way. More in a "thank-God-there-are-intelligent-articulate-and-dynamic-young-politicians-out-there" kind of way.

4. I have a much higher tolerance for watching hours and hours of speeches, motivational songs, and awkward wonky delegates clapping off-tempo and doing "the bump" to Stevie Wonder than I ever thought possible. As long as it's on C-SPAN, and no yammerhead is telling me what I think about it all.

5. I do NOT have a very high tolerance for reading bloggers blog about blogging about blogging the convention. Honest to god, folks. Must we be quite so self-aware and self-referential? (this doesn't apply to me.)

6. I once spent the night in John Kerry's townhouse in Boston! ...It just wasn't his at the time. While reading a New York Times article, I discovered that his Beacon Hill address is 19 Louisburg Square, which was the address of the Episcopal convent (this is a story for another time, believe me) that I worked for when I was 19 years old. It was a lovely old place, with the sweetest Tiffany stained glass in the chapel, and I often wondered who bought the damn thing when the sisters decided it really was too TOO for nuns who had taken a vow of poverty to live on Beacon Hill, and they sold it. So there. I wonder what they did with that gorgeous chapel.

And here, to wrap up this highly erudite bit of political commentary (no, really, rock grrrl, tell us what other 50-year-old politicans you would make out with! 'cause we care! a lot!) are two funny political links that it's possible everyone in the country hasn't yet seen. Hey, it could happen.

This Land is My Land, by JibJab

The Sloganator

And also this, because it makes me so very happy.

So a guy walks up to an ATM...

...and I'm spent.

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