26 July 2004

Freezer tricks

I just wrapped up one of my usual marathon phone sessions with my best friend E. She's also a freelancer (and has been a successful one at that, for many years), so our conversations tend to have a hint of procrastination about them ("Oh, and another thing!"). We've always had a hard time getting off the phone, though, which was particularly tough on the ol' wallet when she lived in Japan. Do you have any idea how much an hour and a half phone call to Japan costs? Count yourself lucky.

So the last hurrah of this call was a spontaneous exhange of Odd Things We Put in Our Freezers. I think it got started because I mentioned I like to keep my vodka in the freezer, which isn't all that revolutionary, but still a good trick. She went on to describe her favorite beat-the-heat-dessert trick, which she discovered while living in Japan: in the morning, peel and slice a kiwi fruit, place it in a bowl, place bowl in freezer. At night this will be a delightful frozen dessert. She claims it also works with orange slices, but not quite as well.

My contribution to the discussion was my habit of putting my t-shirt in the freezer -- on hot days -- while I'm in the shower. It cools down just enough during those 5-10 minutes, and really helps keep the ol' body temperature down. On days of extreme heat, throw the bra and panties in there, too. Nothin' finer.

E. was concerned that such dainties would pick up some sort of freezer smell, but since I rarely have anything in my freezer except ice cubes, coffee beans in a mason jar, and occasionally vodka, this is less of a concern for me. I suggested she use a ziplock freezer bag if she was squeamish.

Oh, the things you can learn when trying desperately to put off working!

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