09 September 2004


Well that was unexpected.

Matt's mother emailed me the other day to ask if we wanted to use any of her great big pile of frequent flyer miles before USAir goes belly-up. We kind of stuttered back "well...yeah!" and after tossing a few ideas around we decided to go to Amsterdam.

My sainted mother-in-law's only two caveats were that we must go soon, because she thinks USAir's days are seriously numbered, and she would hate to see all those free miles go to waste, and that if we are going to Amsterdam, we must promise to go for at least a week. Wouldn't be worth the jet lag otherwise.

So now I have to get my passport updated with my married name sooner than I thought, and, not for the reason I expected, i.e., fleeing the country if Bush gets re-elected. But it'll come in handy if that does happen, anyway. Maybe we'll just schedule the trip for early November, see what happens, and check out apartments while we're there.

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