25 September 2004

Visa vis

The plans and schemes for our trip to Amsterdam grow faster and thicker with each day. I have contacted everyone I know who has ever lived there, been there, or who might have thought about it in my presence, and as a result have unearthed three (3!) great good friends on the ground in Amsterdam who will be around to show us around. (In addition to my online friends who have supplied very welcome hints and links and information.)

It is good and useful to be shameless about looking up old friends, even extremely tangential ones.

Hi! Remember me? Well, we shared a ride together to Boston once, I think your boyfriend was Bruce, or maybe Paul, yeah Paul! and we were going to the Bim Skala Bim show on New Year's Eve and we listened to the Pixies on the ride there in that crappy VW convertible that leaked and Paul got lost before the show and we couldn't find him for the ride from dinner to the show but we knew he was from there so we didn't sweat it and so we left anyway? Yeah! That was me! The one who left her black leather motorcycle jacket there at the club and ran back through the pouring rain after the place closed and they wouldn't let me in but then they did and I caught the last train to our parking garage and just found you guys before you left without me too?

So anyway, what was your cute friend's name -- the one who went to Wellesley? Because she said she was from Amsterdam.


(No really, it's all old friends and cool relations who are really truly going to show us around town and show us a good time. But all the rest about those jerks I went to see Bim Skala Bim with in grad school was true. Thank God I got that jacket back, it was my best friend's sister's jacket. And... you guys? Thanks a lot for waiting for me. Geez. Jerks.)

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