08 April 2005

The good life

Right now, this moment, things are as they should be. It's my last night off -- ever, I think -- and I am lolling. Man, oh man, am I lolling. I am a state of serious sloth. Mmmmmm... delicious sloth.

I am sitting in front of my computer with my feet up and my black cat on my lap, curled around my left arm as I type this one-handed. I have the Yankees game radio broadcast playing softly in the background, and I'm deeply into Suzyn Waldman replacing Charlie Steiner as John Sterling's sidekick. I really, truly wanted to like Charlie last year, but he seemed constitutionally incapable of saying anything off-handedly, or in anything less than his most stentorian, Voice of God affectation.

"...and the On-Deck Circle... is Being... Swept..."

Suzyn is a refreshingly low-key announcer. She also doesn't annoyingly get basic facts about the game wrong, like the pitch count, or who's on base, or what teams are playing, like Steiner often did.

Really, I wanted him to be good. But he wasn't, and I'm so not in charge around here. Yay Suzyn.

My brilliant husband did the dishes today and vacuumed the floor, so I could concentrate on a pesky bit of editing-for-pay that I had to finish today. After I got this out of the way, I mixed myself a well-deserved martini, lit the four votive candles that I always ceremoniously light when I have a night entirely off and to myself, and even lit some incense to establish the mood as firmly as possible.

Then I had pad thai for dinner.

But tonight... (now I sound like Charlie Steiner) TONIGHT... it is me, and my cat, and the Yankees, and pad thai and candles and a wee dram of vodka.

Why yes, yes, I do know how to live. Thank you for noticing.

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