23 May 2005


You know how amazed you get when somebody else loves the obscure musicians you love? I was just browsing the site of my friends over at a softer world, and one of their back-logged cartoons just slayed me. ...the one that mentions John Prine. ...go on, click down to it.

Hope introduced me to John Prine. I was a freshman in college, and she made my toes curl whenever she winked at me, which was often. She had been married before, and she was only 25. Her husband had died in a head-on collision -- and Hope had been in the passenger seat at the time.

Hope was cute as hell.

She also already had a girlfriend.

She used to come to my dorm room and play her old John Prine albums, and we'd laugh, and roll around, and I'd wish I could kiss her. Later, I did.

Listening to John Prine brings up all these old feelings of being 19 and in college and in crush and... well, 19.

Hope? I hope you're OK. I hope things have worked out for you. John Prine still makes me very, very happy.

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