20 May 2005

Turkey baster

As I was diligently trying to get some freaking editing done -- ya know, the thing that kind of bores me to tears but I actually get paid decent money to do, rather than the thing that I love love love (swanning about in a headset, wrangling children backstage, and messing about with power tools) and get paid noticeably less to do -- the phone rang.

"Hooray!" I shouted as I sprang up from the desk to pick it up. "I mean, damn, this is going to interrupt my woooooork..."

It was my best friend in the whole world, the one I would take a bullet for and who is, I've decided, my sister in disguise. I knew immediately what she was going to say, but I let her say it anyway.

She told me that her wife was on the phone, too, and that their puppy was in the room too, because the whole family had some news.

They're pregnant!

More loud whooping and shouts of joy ensued...

So that means, because my brother (OK, his wife) got pregnant last week, that I'm going to become an aunt twice in January of 2006. In one little month! Twice!

I am SO DOWN with being crazy Aunt Rockgrrrl, who gives them presents and takes them to plays and writs them funny little poems on days that are not their birthdays.

I am ALSO down with the two children forever being linked in our families' minds, and possibly sharing birthday parties at my house, because my brother is tres homophobic (although he won't admit it), and I will have so much fun pairing his kid with my lesbian best friend's kid at every opportunity. Even if all I get to do is say their names in the same sentence all the time.

Petty and spiteful? nah.

Petty and spiteful is saying that you don't think two people should be allowed to get married because you think what they do is icky.

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