14 November 2005

Here comes the cavalry

I've been summoned to the western part of the state to help my best friend in the process of recovering from having her house burn down with all her possessions. I hear they have a new apartment that they can move into tomorrow, so I'll be sleeping on my air mattress in it with them starting tomorrow night. This is all very last minute -- I just got the call an hour ago, asking if I could come help, and of course I said yeah and called my boss and told her I'd be taking the week off.

So tonight I gotta do some laundry, because I'd already put that off way too long, and pack up all my necessities. i just made a big batch of chicken stock, so I think I'll make that into turkey-and-brown-rice soup to make their new house smell nice and homey. And because they probably haven't had home-cooked food in over a week.

I think I'll also bring all sorts of crap to put on her shelves, to help make it feel more like home. Ya know? Pictures, doodads, pots and pans. I have eight plates -- I don't really need 'em all. I also have way too many forks. And all that cast iron ware that I never use... and those mixing bowls... and what else? I guess I'll just bring what I can and assess the sitation when I get there. They should be getting their insurance check while I'm out there, so I can help them replace all their furniture and clothes and computers and stuff.

And pour them scotch and tell them jokes and help wash the smell of smoke out of their hair.

Be back at the end of the week.

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