25 November 2005

Just OUT, okay?

Today I woke up all ansty and rebellious and could think of nothing better to do than to go riding around all day in my car. Just around. For hours, all day.

I wonder if this is really why everybody in this country inexplicably goes shopping the day after Thanksgiving, when they KNOW it will suck, when they KNOW it will be hell on earth, from the traffic to the soul-sucking atmosphere of the mall to the angry young mothers body-checking you to get to the last Xbox 360. That it is actually a primal throwback to those first few Thanksgivings at home after we went to college, when suddenly everything about home and family is DRIVING US UP A FRICKING WALL and we have to get OUT just OUT.

Of course I had the good sense to head in the opposite direction of the mall, so I was treated to the surpassing beauty of the outer Cape. I made it all the way to Truro before I turned around, having read something the other day about Provincetown hosting some shopping extravaganza today as well, and wanting avoid those crowds, groovy though they may be. So I noodled around on Truro's backroads, admiring the beauty of the saltmarshes in the late afternoon sun, and reflected on how thoroughly awesome it is to live here.

For now let's agree to forget about the lack of good jobs, friends my age, and any sense of connectedness to whatever is currently hip and trendy out there in the world. This place is fuckin' gorgeous, and I'm thrilled to be here.

And to be honest, I'm thrilled to not be nineteen anymore, and to have to go through that first Thanksgiving at home after going to college. So judgemental! So know-it-all! So disdainful!

And that was just my mother!

Ah, I slay me.

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