02 March 2006

Ounce of prevention

I am trying to innoculate myself against another case of the Friday Night Crazies by going out tonight. There is this thing that involves galleries and restaurants and discounts and friends, so I am going to that tonight right after work.

Of course it is supposed to snow tonight, which might be a drag, but on the other hand it might be fun. We haven't had too much snow this year, as you are no doubt aware. This makes me very cynical in the face of Snow Attacks! headlines on the National Weather Service. This winter, they have serously cheapened their brand by crying wolf on the snow front a few too many times.

Now I see a 70% chance of snow as a 30% chance of a dusting. And the ground has been so not-freezing all winter that any snow we get doesn't have a chance of sticking anyway. Must suck to be a kid this winter. Or a skiier. But I guess they have machines for that now.

But wandering around a few galleries with friends approximately my age should make me feel a little less stir crazy. We'll see. Friday night is, after all, still Friday night. I betcha I will still feel like I should be doing something fun and slightly scandalous. Old habits die hard.

In any case, perhaps I will take lots of pictures tonight amid the swirling snow and art and friends. then perhaps I will post them on Friday night to ease the crazies. I am learning mad photoshop skills by leaps and bounds these days, which makes me want to make all my photographs suddenly involve people flashing the horns surreptitiously, or superimpose strange slogans on people's T-shirts.

Will Phun With Photoshop be enough to quell my antsy pants? We shall see. I'm not sure it would qualify as quite scandalous enough behavior for the wee devil on my shoulder.

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