21 July 2005

Miss Personality

Well, holy crap.

It seems that the local press has taken quite a shine to me, and wants to profile me in next week's award-winning rag. I have an idea who is behind this, but I haven't yet confirmed it. Whatever, it'll be fun, as long as I photograph well that day. Which I'm sure I won't.

At least I have two full days to practice my life story -- by which I mean edit it, of course. God knows, left to my own devices I would only tell the most embarrassing stories about myself, casting myself in the worst possible light.

Kind of like what I do here.

So now I have to start rehearsing the PG version of me, the one that follows a plausible narrative arc.

Yeah, right. I'll get right to work on that.

Really, what would you say about yourself, given a fifteen-minute interview, a couple of snaps, and a column on the second page of your local rag?

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