23 July 2005

Rock lobster

Quite some time ago, I mentioned that my lame-o neighbors had decorated their lawn with lobster traps that have bright red plastic lobsters in them. Apparently they are unaware that lobsters only turn red when they have been boiled or steamed to perfection.

I dunno, maybe they do know this, and this lawn art is a highly subtle and ironic commentary on global warming and the fate of our oceans as a result.

But I doubt it.

Anyway, I noticed today that he had replaced the weathered, sun-bleached lobsters that had been languishing in the lobster pots (and that actually more closely resembled real living lobsters) with fresh and new red plastic lobsters, so I had to document this offensive lawn decor.

I'm still considering sneaking out late at night and accessorizing them with little plastic bibs, lemon wedges, and handi-wipes. Would that be so wrong?

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