02 January 2006

Moonage daydream

We just figured out how to use the timer on the coffee maker, so that the coffee beans I ground up this evening will, theoretically, magically transform themselves into life-giving liquid early tomorrow morning. Very. Early. Tomorrow. Morning.

Yeah, remember how I was going to use these last couple of weeks to train myself to get up earlier each day so that getting up tomorrow at 7 am wouldn't make me cry? Well, I kind of blew that off. Oh well, time to live like the rest of the world.

My problem is that I can't stop thinking about myself as part of that very special subset of people who don't have to get up early in the morning. Like freelancers. And hobos. And rock stars. Of those three jobs (freelancer, hobo, rock star) I've actually been one of them (guess which!), so I think I have a special insight into them all. Freelancing is a lot like being a rock star, except for all the fame, power, and riches. Not all rock stars get those.

I actually caught myself earlier today idly thinking, "I bet David Bowie doesn't have to get up at seven o'clock in the morning."

OK, hold on, I said sternly to myself.

First of all, David Bowie is a very successful musician and savvy businessman with, among other ventures, a flourishing trade in futures in himself for god's sake. You can actually buy a share of David Bowie, betting on his sustained and even increased appeal in days to come. And then, I imagine, reap the dividends. So I imagine he does actually get up pretty early in the morning. He's a very productive guy!

Second, and perhaps more germane to the point, since when, exactly, did I expect my life to resemble David Bowie's in any way? I had no idea my brain was going in this direction, no idea what made it think it had just cause to expect Bowie-ness out of life. Really! I haven't been encouraging my feverish brain, leading it on by secretly running around the house in Ziggy Stardust make-up, or by sinking into a heroin-induced haze in Berlin for six months. Honest! I'd have told you if I had!

But I bet David Bowie does like his coffee to be ready just as soon as he gets up in the morning to begin his very busy, very productive day. As do I. In so many ways, I am so very much like David Bowie.

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