14 January 2006

Old and in the way

I'm teaching a friend of mine how to knit for a role she has in a play that starts in early February. This is a great thing, because I love my friend and I love the play and also I love to knit, but we just had our first lesson and she informed me that her character not only knits, she is an expert knitter. Like, she makes a living by knitting and then selling gloves.

My friend has never knit before, and I have yet to knit gloves. Mittens, yes, but gloves, no.

Oh well, I know the general routine, and she just has to look believable, right?

So I'm at rehearsal teaching her how to knit with these huge needles and it's going well. Then I realize that I know one of the men in the cast, and then I realize that he is related closely to the woman who owns the yarn shop I frequent most frequently, and then I realize this means that she will probably come see this play.

So this raises the stakes somewhat, you know? So now my friend has to appear to be an expert knitter, and it's highly likey that an expert knitter and some of her closest friends will be in the audience watching her knit.

Besides teaching people how to knit today I have been running around town spending my first paycheck on fancy clothes and fripperies. I bought two jackets, a shirt and some shoes, also some gear for the pool (we'll discuss my blinding speed and astonishing skill as a lap swimmer later). And a sparkly green necklace that I love so much I might never take it off. Those pearls were getting to me, making me feel old and conservative, so I bought this. I also bought a tea kettle, because I have gotten into the habit of having a nice, bracing cup of tea after work in the evening.

Good lord. First pearls, now knitting lessons and tea kettles. If anyone is reading this for the first time, I'm only 34!!! Honest! And I'm markedly left-leaning in my politics! I listen to obscure rock bands! And, um, I used to own a rock club! And... you're not buying it, are you.

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