21 August 2005

Erin go bra-less

I realize it is probably the height of disingenousness to suddenly notice that people on the internet like to talk about boobies, but honestly!

My weekly post here this week was all about breasts, mostly at the insistence of the charmingly juvenile inmates who also write for that site (which is, officially, the bee's knees). Then my pal over here wrote about her proclivity towards public nudity from the waist up -- a proclivity I definitely share, and have pictures to prove it, and no, I'm not about to post them in a million billion years.

Then this morning -- when my BFJ post still hasn't even appeared on the site, therefore absolving me of primary responsibility for unleashing this torrent of reference to things hooter-ish, I opened my mailbox to read my daily Bloom County strip, and found this!

I'm a little excited about going outside today. The apparent zeitgeist, based on three or four websites out of fifty-seven ka-jillion, is definitely encouraging!

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