19 August 2005

Missing morpheus

I've signed on to another massive project at work, which is why I woke up at 4:30 in the morning today and was unable to fall back asleep until I had churned out the documents that were dancing the mazurka in my head. So now, of course, I am fully awake and entirely insomniacal, and I don't have to be at work for hours and hours, which is probably about the time I'll feel like falling asleep again, so I got that goin' for me. Which is nice.

But it meant I got to see a sunrise over the river outside my window, which is a phenomenon I've been missing out on all summer long, slacker that I am. It was a stunner. The weather has finally surrendered to our pleas and given us a nice string of low-humidity, low-temperature days. I'm even wearing a hooded sweatshirt, it's so cool and comfy this morning! (Tony, Ed, never let it be said I never tell you what I'm wearing. You may also be interested to know that this particular sunrise is finding me joyfully bra-free. As most do, in fact.)

So now I've whacked my over-anxious mind into submission by caving in and doing what it wanted me to do -- trudge over to the computer and log in some unpaid hours for the good of the arts community -- and the question remains: go back to bed, or make some extra-strong coffee and delicious over-easy eggs on toast and slug it out for the rest of the day? I am kinda hungry. But I think we only have one egg left in the house, zero bread for toasting, and grinding up the coffee beans would wake up the slumbering giant in the next room.

Le sigh.

Why can't I still be a feckless and irresponsible grad student, finish my stay-up-all-night homework, crack open a beer at sunrise, and hit the hay until my afternoon seminar? God, those were the days.

Growing up is a real pain.

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