23 August 2005


We're leaving tomorrow early in the a.m. to take our wee vacation in NYC. Up at 7, catch a train in Connecticut at 11, then two glorious fun-filled nights at a posh hotel on the Upper East Side. All of this is, as usual, courtesy of the greatest Mother-in-law that ever lived, mine. She is the same benefactor that made our epic trip to Amsterdam possible last winter.

She pretty much rules with how free and easy she is with sharing the old Marriot and frequent flier miles.

Last time we were in NYC, very bad things happened. This time around we hope to break the jinx. OK? So everyone cross their fingers and jump on one foot and turn around widdershins or whatever works for you in the hopes that our trip to NYC will be be fun, frolicsome, and full of good food. And maybe, I don't know, terrorist-free.

We're making it our mission to eat at as many tiny little delis, diners, holes-in-the-wall, and street vendors as we possibly can this time around, and this is my first real trip with a digital camera, so many pictures of delicious city food will be taken.

Also, keep an eye out for all the home runs we'll be catching near the right-field foul pole in tomorrow night's Yankees game. yeah. that'll be us.

Will someone keep an eye on my cats for me? At least psychically? thanks.

back soon!

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