12 June 2004

Cheering section

Must be some kind of weird weather front moving through, because I keep getting up before noon and doing stuff. Odd, but I'll go with it.

Today I decided I wanted to follow up yesterday's surprisingly strenuous hike by walking the two miles of the nearby beach, so I put my walkin' shoes on and skedaddled on down to the shore. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that The Season has truly begun, to the extent that I now need a beach sticker to access the beach at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Good thing I'm a resident, and it only costs twenty bucks.

So I cruise on up to town hall, only to discover it doesn't open until 9. So I go to the PO, the Bank, and the coffee shop. Back to Town Hall, where I see:

1. a man with his two young sons (toddlers), walking toward their car. The sons are trying desperately to catch up to Dad, and saying Dada! Dada! Dad turns around, still walking away from them, like he's too cool for them, and sneers, Dada! Dada! Way to go. Let's hear it for cruel mockery in parenting.

2. an entirely different kind of town employee/sticker teller -- usually they are very old and slow retirees, who like to try to remember how many members of my family they went to grammar school with, which I don't really mind much. This gal was about 19, adorable, maybe 80 pounds wet, and had full sleeve tattoos on both arms. Awright! Woo! Let's hear it for diversity in town hiring!

3. a guy I used to babysit for, who still lives next door to my mother. This is only interesting because he's the very first person in the last two years to recognize me from my misspent youth. Also, he was nice enough not to bring up that time I smoked three of his cigarettes in his bathroom, threw the butts in the toilet, and forgot to flush. yeah! Let's hear it for a complete and utter lack of stealth in rule-breaking!

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