11 June 2004

knock wood

I guess, like cleaning out an attic or shed, when undertaking even the most modest of home improvement projects, you have to make it look like hell before you can make it look good. Our house looked like ass for a few days, while we got a new roof put on, but now it's lovely -- pale green tiles all symmetrically snugged up against each other, pleasing in their regular spacing. (If you know me, you know that symmetry is super important to me. Like Monk craves symmetry, I crave symmetry. I line up the silverware on restaurant tables as I pass by. hey, lay off. there are worse compulsions.)

But NO, I have not yet planted anything in our purported "garden", Nosy Nellie, even though it's been about a month since the topsoil was put down. I'll get to it, OK? I'm still enjoying my Very First Summer of Non-Restaurant Work, dig?


Speaking of restaurant work, my awesome husband the restaurant manager actually has tonight off (OMG... a Friday night off during The Season???) so we've got schemes and plans. Perhaps a little nature hike, followed by a bite to eat somewhere, followed by an evening's entertainment at the 'Comah.

To top off my sense of preening contentedness (goddamn, tempt fate much?) I have work aplenty on my desk and on its way. Oh, and that rash finally went away.

just kidding.

It'll never go away.

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