04 June 2004

Imminent domain

Some big-shot from Washington DC has apparently bought the lot across the street from me, in between my house and the river/lake, and has, over the last week, begun the exciting project of tearing down ALL the trees in preparation for the building of his five-bedroom, three story dream house. That he will probably use approximately 2 weeks every summer.

Naturally, I am thrilled.

Today the DC Dorkface has endeared himself even further (we thought it not possible!) by demolishing the wee cottage that has been on that lot for almost a hundred years.

It has long been the practice on Cape Cod to re-use and recycle buildings, dating back to the days when all the native trees had been cut down to feed the fires that ran the saltworks, and it was too expensive to import trees from the mainland. I know someone could have been found that would relocate that cottage on their property, given it a new life as a studio, guest house, or even shed.

But I doubt any effort was made.

We have a housing crisis here -- house prices have skyrocketed to such insane levels that most normal folks -- teachers, firemen, plumbers, waitresses -- can't afford to live here any more. But who needs a hundred-year-old, three-room cottage? pshaw.

This Pentagon Prick has stolen my view, ruined a piece of history, further depleted the affordable housing stock in my home town, and killed probably upwards of eighty trees in an environmentally sensitive area next to a salt marsh.

Am I steamed? Yes. Am I impotently steamed? Most likely.

What I want to know is, whose palms got greased to allow this building permit to go through?


Where is the Lorax when you need him?

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