11 June 2004

Like Open Arms, but worse

And what about this:

my major contribution to the set construction for Sleeping Beauty has been the sewing of about 5 billion red felt roses, soon to be followed by the making of many many papier mache thorns.

So about 15 hours into this project, I start getting all cross-eyed and delirious, so natch I start to belt out "Every Rose has Its Thorn" which is of course the shlockiest of Schlocky Eighties hair band Tunes...

And everyone claimed to have never heard it before.

All the other techies are my age, people. And I know that I didn't discover the fact that music existed outside of top 40 radio stations until much later in life than most folks, but still.

Please, someone validate me, and tell me I'm not spontaneously making up awful awful arena rock ballads in my filthy little subconcious.

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