01 June 2004

Fever dream

It was a busy little weekend for me, as for most, but I probably did less socializing and hanging out than many. My primary activities included:

1. waiting for this jerk to call me so I could hang out with his transcontinental ass, and getting totally blown off. Which actually turned out to be OK, I probably would have had to cancel our "lunch date" anyway because that morning my contact lens had a transformative religious experience, and raptured all over my left eye. when I could finally pry my eye open, it was all red and gross and bulging. I probably could have carried off the Clockwork Orange look, but I was a little hesitant to see a pal for the first time in years looking like such a disease pod.

2. so then I spent a day sightless, since I couldn't wear my contacts, I'm horribly myopic, and have been too cheap to buy a pair of glasses since I lost my last pair (relax, I now have an emergency appointment at the eye doctor for tomorrow). I finally gave in and put in only the right one because I had to

3. finish a proofreading job, which I just put in the mail this morning, and was ecstatic to find another job offer in my email when I returned home. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Then, during my spontaneous nap this afternoon, I dreamed I was a commercial shellfisherman, having been conned into it by some shyster who promised "easy riches". He was painfully wrong, but I was knee-deep in fresh clams and oysters, so that was good.

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